Terramere is a Kennedy development and  built mostly in the early 1980s.  In addition, United Technologies Homes build Sunset Ridge at Terramere.  The area that most people refer to as Terramere includes both the developments. The Terramere subdivision of Arlington Heights has 2 parks within the subdivision, Sunset Ridge Park and Lake Terramere Park.  It is convenient to the Nickol Knoll par 3 golf course to the southwest of the development.  Nickol Knoll also offers walking paths.  The Schwabe Group are specialist in Terramere and would be pleased to assist in any questions you have.


    David was instrumental in the sale of our Buffalo Grove home in March. We appreciated his professionalism, honesty and outreach to the local community with information about our home. Having lived in our home more than 36 years, David and his team helped us with all aspects of the sale and the “letting go”
    Buffalo Grove